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The Pantry Pest

Did you know that meal moths, also known as pantry pests, destroy about 10% of the world’s annual food production? That’s right and, as their nickname suggests, these pests can be found in home pantries.

Here is what you need to know—Identification is key.

We recommend the following control process:

- Prevention

- Good Sanitation

- Proper Storage

- Stock Rotation

- Ventilation

- Control

So, what do meal moths look like? These brown pests have two pairs of scale-covered wings and a single pair of long, slender antennas.

You can typically find these pests on or near spoiled food. Therefore, in terms of prevention, be sure to regularly clear out and dispose of spoiled food from your pantry and other food storage areas.

Also, note that meal moths can penetrate packages of food, so be sure to properly inspect food to make sure the food has not been compromised.

If you think you may have a pantry pest infestation, give us a call.


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