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Bugs in the Bathroom

It’s no secret that several pests are attracted to moisture. So, finding bugs in the bathroom may not come as a surprise.

Nonetheless, it is helpful to know what you are working with. Pest World describes some types of pests commonly found in bathrooms:

#1 Cockroaches

These buggers seek out warm, moist environments, so bathroom drains can often attract cockroaches.

To minimize risk of invasion from these creatures, be sure to regularly clean and cover the bathroom drain.

#2 Ants

Ants of various kinds, namely pharaoh and carpenter ants, can make their way into the bathroom.

While they are attracted to humidity, ants might find their way into behind baseboards, beneath floors, and holes in the wall.

#3 Silverfish

These bugs can often be found in the kitchen, but they might also make their way to the bathroom, especially if mold collects here.

#4 Spiders and centipedes

Even though these types of bugs do not necessarily seek out moisture, they do search for food and water, both of which can be found in the bathroom.


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