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Cockroaches have changed little during the 400 million years they have been around. They feed on practically anything of nutritive value. They are nocturnal but can be found during the daylight when infestation is large. Their presence is a nuisance and they are capable of carrying many common disease pathogens and causing allergenic reactions.


Inspect all incoming items for cockroaches and egg containing cases.

Reduce Entry by making sure the building is in good physical condition.

Good Sanitation is critical. Reduce harborage, food and water.

Inspect! A thorough inspection is the key to successful control.

Determine which species are involved.

Find infestations where treatment is required.

Applicate Insecticide! Your CE tech will determine which treatment is most effective.

Follow Up & Maintain! Continue to inspect with a flashlight to find missed or newly introduced cockroaches and treat any active infestation found.


Cockroaches prefer living in food-storage areas, basements, steam tunnels, sewers and near fermenting food. They enter through drains and sewers. They'll spend about 75% of their time in crack and crevice harborage into which they can just fit. You'll usually find them located nearest food and water sources, warm and relatively high humidity.

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