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Fleas are one of the more important groups of insects. They bite and transmit disease. They're found throughout the US. Cat fleas are most common. They can jump 6", easily hitching a ride on shoes or clothing. Pet owners spend $2.8B annually for flea treatment.


Prevent wild animals from entering your structure or baiting. Pets must be treated. For indoor control, collect loose items, vacuum floors and furniture and clean all areas of house frequented by pets. Our professional will apply carefully selected products. For outside control, treat every place an animal rests and treat adjacent to the fence.




Adults are 1/8" long. They are brownish to black, reddish when full of blood. Female's heads are twice as long. They have pierce-sucking mouthparts and females lay 4-8 eggs after each blood meal, 400-500 during their lifetime. Eggs are deposited between hairs, or in the bedding area. The eggs then hatch in 1-12 days.


Larvae require high humidity and after 1-2 weeks, they spin a cocoon. They can stay in a cocoon for up to 20 weeks. They seek blood meal 1-2 days after emergence. Adults can live for months without food. Grooming can remove up to 50% of the fleas, otherwise they can live up to a year.

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