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Fending Off Those Unwelcome Visitors: Rodent Solutions

During this time of year, just as we Midwesterners seek to hide away from the cold, so too are the rodents around us. Don’t let these rodents find shelter in your home.

The following tips from The Spruce provide information on tools that can help keep these critters out of your home:

#1 Traps

You can find rat and mice traps at most hardware stores. This is a cost-effective option that can be effective.

Remember, if you place bait on the traps, you will need to regularly check these traps for dying or dead rodents and any bugs that may be attracted to the rodent's residue.

#2 Bait

What bait should you use? This depends on the rodents you are attempting to catch and eliminate from your home.

However, generally speaking peanut butter, bacon, nuts, dried food, and sticky candy tend to work well as rodent bait.

Rodenticides (i.e. poisonous pesticides used to kill rats and mice) are also available. Yet, many of these solutions are regulated by the EPA and are only accessible to licensed pest control professionals. (Contact our team for more information on these solutions.)

Also, bait stations can be used as a safety feature if you have children or animals who might accidentally make their way towards the trap.

#3 Placement is key!

Before you begin placing traps and bait around your home, identify where the rodents tend to gather or nest. Then, place the traps in these areas.

Also, be sure to read the directions for any traps or bait used in your home.

Our experienced and knowledgable team offers a host of rodent control approaches that we cater specifically to meet the needs of your home’s particular environment. Give us a call today for more information!


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