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Mastering the Fly-Swat: How to Keep Flies Away

We have all been there—that darn fly has been buzzing in your home all day and, try as you might, you cannot swat it out of your home.


Here is what you need to know about flies in order to prevent and control an infestation:

Adult flies emerge in the spring and summer.

Their peak emergence time from their eggs occurs May through July. In order for a female fly to lay a viable egg, she must consume a blood meal. Bare in mind that this feeding time typically happens during the early morning in sunny atmospheres and during the early evening time in cooler atmospheres.

200-500 eggs are laid per batch and these eggs hatch in about 30 days.

This process typically occurs in late summer, and then into fall, even winter. The good news (for those of us overwhelmed by these large numbers) is that adult flies live for less than three weeks.

Prevention is key for fly control.

Ensure that your home and office are safeguarded with screens of 60 mesh material that in proper working condition. Check to see that your window screens do not have rips or other holes that flies can get through.

To keep flies away from you and your family, use repellent. Geography plays a role in the effectiveness of various treatments. Contact our team to discuss and we can recommend the proper repellent based on your situation.

Beyond the pesky nature of flies, remember that flies can carry diseases.

So, make sure you take precautions to keep these flies away from you, your family, and your home. And we can help! Give us a call and we can create a plan of action that is specific to your needs.


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