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Fireside Friends Only: No Pests Please

With the cold weather here (and here to stay for a while), you may be looking forward to some bonfires or wood-burning fireplace sessions this fall and winter. Before you haul firewood into and around your home, remember that some pests are attracted to wood.

The good news is that controlling pests in your firewood has everything to do with proper storage and the occasional check-up.

As The Spruce explains, these 5 reminders can help you maximize your fireside fun and minimize any unwanted visitors:

#1 Firewood should be stored a distance from buildings.

If firewood is lined up alongside your home or garage, you will likely lead wood-boring pests right into your home.

And, do not store firewood indoors. That includes garages! Instead, any firewood storage should be placed at least three feet from your home or garage.

#2 Keep firewood store away from trees and off the ground.

You will want to keep your store of firewood off the ground, so as to minimize moisture build-up. If moisture collects on your firewood this will attract insects.

Similarly, do not store firewood near trees. If you do, you will risk damage to your trees. Insects that may have found their way into your stockpile of firewood, like bark beetles, can easily burrow their way through your trees and cause extensive damage.

#3 Local firewood is best.

Using local firewood ensures that any pests inside the firewood are local to the area. Outside invaders can cause environmental damages.

So, if you do have firewood that came from somewhere outside of your community, burn this pile as soon as possible to kill any of these outside invaders.

#4 Use firewood in the right order.

What’s the right order you might be wondering? Use the oldest piece of wood first. Then proceed in this chronological order.

Why? Using firewood in this order prevents wood from sitting for long periods of time (i.e. more time to collect insects).

#5 Wipe off surface pests and when bringing firewood inside your home, burn right away.

Taking these measures will further prevent any pests from entering your home.


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