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Dealing With The Queen Bee: 3 Tips For Bee Infestations

If you’ve got bees buzzing around the front porch, this is most likely not the welcome you want to give your summertime guests. Here are three things to know about bee infestations:

#1 Know what you are working with.

We often categorize bees, wasps, and hornets as all the same pests. Though similar, when dealing with an infestation, it’s important to know which of these three you will be battling.

Specifically, knowing which pest—bee, wasp, or hornet—will tell you what their particular nesting habits are.

#2 What’s the attraction?

If you’ve got a glass of fruit juice sitting on your patio table, this might just be the culprit, but did you know that in addition to sugary foods, bees are attracted to certain flowers and plants?

Determine what is attracting the bees and if possible, remove this. Or, at least move this item to a new location that is out of the way.

#3 Applying the solution at the right time.

It’s important to find the entrance of the nest before the solution is applied. Once this is found during the day, the solution can and should be applied at night. Doing so during the evening time will help to ensure that most of the bees are in the nest.

We do NOT recommend applying any solution on your own! A number of variables could be involved—Call us so that we can apply the appropriate solution, at the appropriate time, and using the appropriate tools.


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