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  • It seems almost everywhere you go, people are talking about Bed Bugs.

  • Infestations of the nasty critters are popping up in all sorts of public places - even the cleanest and most posh establishments.

  • Any public or private place has the potential to have Bed Bugs brought in on any person or even on their belongings. 

Unfortunately, as a property owner, you may have no control over the spread of these little menaces on your premises. The best way to protect yourself and property is to be proactive and plan an offensive strategy.

Here are some tips you can do to avoid an infestation.

  • When visiting a public (or even private) location, conduct a quick inspection. Telltale signs are blood stains on fabric, dark spots of bug excrement, offensive musty odor, bed bug skin casings, and, of course, the bugs themselves.

  • When sleeping over night, carefully inspect the bedding and mattress, especially by the edging, seams and tags. Also check the headboard, bed frame and night stands. Pay special attention to cracks, crevices, seams, and folds of material.

  • Don't place your purse, briefcase, or belongings on the floor. This gives pests higher odds of making your belongings their new home.

  • Never bring used, refurbished, or second hand items on to your property.

  • For property owners, ask your visitors and tenants to notify you immediately if they discover or suspect a Bed Bug problem. Also, ask them to screen their visitors and ask them not to allow anyone that has a known bed bug infestation to visit. Educating your tenants can go a long way in helping to prevent a problem.

Following these tips is no guarantee against getting a Bed Bug infestation. If you do discover a problem, it is vitally important to act immediately. Give us a call for a free phone consultation. We'll assess the situation and offer options to help take care of your problem. We're always happy to help! 

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