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How Not To Bring An Infestation Home For The Holidays

Traveling for the holidays this month? Before you deck the halls and as you go about your travels, be aware and don’t let a bed bug infestation follow you home.


This time of year, we often make visits to family and friends. So if you find yourself at airports, hotels, bus stations, and other public (and also private) locations, here are some tips to make sure your belongings (and home) remain free from bed bugs:

1) Don’t Place Belongings (Purse, Briefcase, etc) On The Floor

Placing items on the floor, oftentimes allows bugs easier access to find their way into your belongings and, therefore, puts you at a higher risk of an infestation.

2) Along Your Travels, Take Note & Be Wary Of Red Flags

Causes for concern could include: blood stains on fabric, dark spots of bug excrement, musty odor, bed bug casings, and/or the actual bugs.

3) Sleeping Overnight? Be Smart

Inspect the bedding and mattress. Pay attention to the edging, seams, and tags. Next, check the headboard, bed frame, and night stands. Don’t forget to inspect cracks, crevices, seams, and folds in material.

4) Did Your Relatives Gift You Anything Used, Refurbished Or Second Hand This Holiday Season?

Before bringing this item back to your home, inspect this and look out for the reflags listed above.

If you have any questions while you are home or away this holiday season, give us a call!

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