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As a landlord for 20 years, no one knows better than I (Chuck Austin, GM) the multitude of emotions when a tenant calls and says the words, "I have pests in my apartment."

First, it's denial. "There's no possible way! How do you know? Are you sure?"

Next comes blame. "It's not my fault! What are you going to do?"

Legal slips in, a whole new fear starts.

Then the sad realization. Regardless, it's going to fall back on you.

Financial reality sets in. There are no extra funds for this disaster. I'm barely making it. What will I do?


We are certified pesticide applicators with 26 years of experience in eliminating pests in my houses and apartment buildings as well as in other Commercial Divisions. We have $1M Liability Insurance, low monthly cost protection coverage, guaranteed results, partnership contracts, full service contracts and 360 reports on each unit.

We have a discrete logo, designed not to alarm tenants or potential tenants. We also have fully equipped service vehicles and state certified, trained and experienced techs. And of course, you're covered with CE-Surance.

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