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What's With The Stink?

Have those shield-shaped little buggers showed up at your door and around your home this year?

Stink bugs have become a fairly common fixture within the North American ecosystem. Interestingly, however, this species originates from Asia and were introduced in the United States in the mid to late 90’s.

Stink Bugs can do damage on agriculture, but for homeowners, these pests do not pose a real threat other than annoyance and inconvenience.

When and where can I expect to find them?

It can be helpful to know that Stink Bugs mate and lay clusters of 20-30 eggs during the summer months (May-August). These eggs are laid beneath leaves and hatch within just 4 to 5 days.

These bugs are attracted to light, so you might find them lingering in lit areas, such as near porch lights. If Stink Bugs make their way inside, you will likely find them near warmth.

Now, what can I do about them?

As annoying as these Stink Bugs can be, there are several steps you can take to control them:

#1 Seal all entry points—doorframes, window screens, etc.

#2 For those areas, that cannot be sealed, repellent is recommended. Call us and we can recommend the appropriate solution.

#3 Replace exterior lighting, so that your fixtures use yellow or sodium vapor (be sure to look at product instructions for proper installation and requirements). Stink Bugs are attracted to light, so if it's possible, making this switch can help keep them at bay.

#4 Do not kill on/inside walls. Dead Stink Bugs can quickly become beetle food.

#5 Do not vacuum these bugs. You do not want to find out why these little buggers get the name Stink Bug.


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