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Have You Checked The Nooks And Crannies Lately?

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

When is the last time you cleaned out your home or business? No, I mean really cleaned. Don’t forget to keep your closets, pantries, corners, and other easy-to-miss spots in tip-top shape. Doing so is critical to control and prevent infestations.


No one wants to catch cockroaches in the closet or pests in the pantry. Paying attention to the spots in your home or business that often go ignored (such as closets, drawers, or pantries) will help to minimize risk of infestations and certainly boost your control if an infestation does occur.

Here are three spots (identified by Apartment Therapy and Angi) to add to your home or business’s regular cleaning list:

1) Over, under, and behind appliances

Be sure to keep the entire area around your appliances clean. For example, kitchen appliances, such as ovens and refrigerators, tend to collect dust and dirt on top of and on the underside. Keeping these areas clean can help to prevent any insects from nesting in these largely ignored spaces.

2) Ceiling Fans

Would you like dust sprinklings with that cool air? Definitely not. Don’t let dust and other dirt collect on your ceiling fans. Not only can this cause a layer of grime on your fan, but also, this can spread unwanted dust in the air and throughout the room below.

3) Between the Cushions

Don’t let your favorite couch or comfy chair become a haven for crumbs and other particles that are left behind from last night’s popcorn and movie night. Be sure to remove the seat cushions and vacuum out any crumbs or other debris. Also, washing cushions on a regular basis will help to prevent insects or other organisms from taking up residence here.

These are just three nooks and crannies, but in any home or business, there are plenty more spots that we often overlook. So, we recommend taking inventory of the spots in your home or business that can be easily missed. Then, add these spaces to your regular cleaning schedule.

If you have any questions about regular cleaning and other ways to minimize risk of infestations, give us a call.


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