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Ants Not Welcome

Ants are social creatures by nature. They live in colonies located inside the ground. Yet, I'm guessing you don't want them to pay your home a visit this spring.


How can you make sure these social pests stay far from your doorstep and out of your home? Here is what you should know about ants:

#1 If they enter a home or other building, they are most likely in search of food. In particular, ants like to feed on sugary sweets and protein-high foods. Maintenance and regulation of your pantry and kitchen is key here.

#2 Ants thrive in moist places. For this reason, ants can often be found beneath stones, wood and other objects on the ground. The ants are attracted to the condensation that typically builds beneath these items.

It’s possible they might try to take up residence in mulch and other dense vegetation, or nearby overflowing gutters and leaking faucets.

#3 These pests will take advantage of any pathways that will lead them to food and shelter sources. Unfortunately our homes are not immune to their search. By sealing off possible entry routes, such as cracks near sliding-glass doors, window panes, and holes at the end of a vent passageways, you can block their path.

#4 Treatments work. Give us a call and we will identify and apply a solution that is appropriate for your particular space and scenario.

You can minimize the risk of ant infestation by maintaining a clean home—In particular, pay attention to pantries and kitchen. Also, if you notice any small cracks or holes, be sure to seal these as soon as possible.


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