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Health Care

CE Solution provides a carefully, though out, highly organized and well-monitored pest management program to support you with our high standards and qualifications, for review by administrators, health inspectors, accreditation boards and more.

We thoroughly inspect plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems. We work with housekeeping, sanitation, security, food services and medical departments to make recommendations for sanitation, physical alterations for pest exclusion, incoming supplies and more.

We'll also educate your staff on pest management. Welcome to the CE Solution way.

Pests such as cockroaches, ants, and rodents are common because they are so well adapted to the hospital environment, which has complex plumbing systems. Important areas to inspect include employee locker rooms, recycling stations, janitorial closets, loading docks, trash/garbage disposal areas, laundry operations, food service areas, food carts and patient rooms.

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