• Bed Bugs (Cimex lectularius) are small, flat, parasitic insects feeding on the blood of people and animals while they sleep 
  • They have piercing-sucking mouthpieces enabling them to pierce the skin and suck blood from their hosts
  • Common Bed Bugs feed on human blood just below the surface of the skin with their piercing-sucking mouthparts
  • Those bitten by a bed bug may develop small, white to red hard welts at the bite site. These bites itch intensely.
  • Ranging from 1  to 7 mm (roughly the size of Lincoln's head on a penny)
  • Reddish-brown to mahogany colored in color, oval shaped and wingless
  • After feeding, the bug's body enlarges considerably, becoming longer and much less flattened
  • Although the body is covered with tiny hairs, these hairs are so small that they are almost invisible to the naked eye, so the general body appearance is shiny
  • Can live several months without a blood meal 
  • Female Bed Bugs can lay up to 5 eggs a day and 500 during a lifetime
  • Bed Bugs tend to live in clusters similar to German Cockroaches
  • Adult Bed Bugs generally travel 15 to 20 feet, or less from their harborage sites 


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