If customer account is current and customer has complied with the below commitments, Customer is entitled to the guarantees listed below.

  • Provide accèss to areas of the property at the appropriate time of day, including locked areas
  • Contact CE-Solution promptly for service when evidence of a live pest is observed inside the covered structure
  • Correct in a timely fashion structural deficiencies detalied by the CE Technician that cause or allow an infestation
  • Prepare property for treatment per partnership form.
  • Do not move, disturb, alter or destroy bait stations
  • Remove all pets from treatment areas not limited to: fish, birds, cats, dogs, lizards, snakes, etc.
  • Remove or cover any and all pet feeding dishes including but not limited to bird feeders and marine, amphibian, and reptile pets, exterior tanks, aquariums, ponds, etc.
  • Customer acknowledge and agrees that this agreement does not include control or prevention of wood-infesting organisms such as termites, powder post beetles, wood boreres or wood decay fungus.


CE-Surance guarantees that the pests specifically included in the CE-Surance guarantee will not become established on the treated property. If a sighting occurs, CE-Solution must be notified within 48 hours and given name, address and access to property. If after treatment of the specified pests there continues to be an infestation, Customer will not be required to pay the monthly fee for that unit until the infestation is eliminated to the Customer's reasonable satisfaction, at which time Customer will pay up to date for all services owed. Pests that are reproducing are considered an infestation.


CE-Solution cannot guarantee that a Customer will never see another pest on their property. Pests gain entry in various ways: deliveries, guests, structural defects, etc. These are out of the control of CE-Solution.


The initial period of this agreement is 12 months or as indicated on the front of the agreement, and will continue unless the agreement is canceled in writing. The agreement shall survive any sale, assigned or other transfer of Premise, and Customer shall inform any purchaser or transferee of the existence of this agreement prior to sale or transfer. The Customer and / or CE-Solution can cancel this agreement after the initial period with a 30 day advanced notice in writing sent certified mail to appropriate address. Notwithstanding the preceding, CE-Solution can cancel the agreement immediately upon written notice to Customer at any time for past due payment or any other breach of this agreement by Customer. Termination or cancelation of this agreement shall not relieve Customer of Customer's obligation to pay all sums due and owing hereunder together with all interest, fees and charges thereto, including but not limited to CE-Solution's reasonable cost of collection.